Thursday, 3 January 2013


My ever growing Astley Clarke charm bracelet.

Whilst I’m not going to bore you with all my New Year’s resolutions, there’s a few things I’m keen to achieve in 2013 and although I’m not particularly superstitious I’m thrilled with the labradorite charm my mum bought me for Christmas from Astley Clarke. 
They’ve coined it the ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’ charm, after the stone’s association with 'transformation, intuition, and it’s ability to help with understanding difficult situations.' 
All of which will certainly help me on my way with my 2013 goals. 
The detachable charm can be worn on a chain to create a pretty pendent, or be attached to a link on your favourite bracelet. 
I’ve added mine to my ever-growing Astley Clarke pearl charm bracelet, which I wear every day. 

To see and shop Astley Clarke’s full charm collection, click here.

So that's it, the last instalment of my Twelve Days of Christmas posts, we're a little shy of the actual twelfth day of Christmas (January 6th) but I took my tree down today and the decorations are all packed away until next year. 
I'm back to work on Monday when my attentions will turn to spring/summer '13! 
I hope you had a good one, thanks for reading! 

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