Sunday, 21 July 2013


Me wearing: Valentino Rock Stud sandals, with mint green nail varnish. 

Hello happy feet! These are the loveliest flat sandals I have ever owned, scrap that, laid eyes on. From Valentino’s devilishly good Rock Stud collection (yes I want the pointy kitten-heels too, who doesn’t?) they’re the perfect shade of summer pink. I bought them as a present, to me, from me, when I got my new job, not that you need an excuse for shoes of this calibre and they make me smile every time I wear them. They also go with practically everything: I love how they make summer basics like denim cut-offs look special, whilst working effortlessly with smart dresses too. 

Me wearing: Valentino Rock Stud sandals, with a Michael van der Ham for Topshop dress.

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Thursday, 11 July 2013


Me wearing: a black lace trim slip by Intimissimi, with Kurt Geiger metallic gold trainers.

Trust me, it’s happening, and it’s all Marc Jacobs’ fault! When he sent lace trim slip dresses down the catwalk for his autumn/winter ’13 collection for Louis Vuitton back in March: presenting the idea of underwear as outerwear, it was only a matter of time before women started viewing their slips with new potential. 

I was packing for a weekend away recently and found an unworn Intimissimi silk slip, complete with lace trim in my pyjama draw. I tossed it into my suitcase, to wear in bed, but ended up throwing a sweater over it and braving it to breakfast in the hotel: “You’re going to wear your nightie in public?!” My boyfriend questioned, “It’s not a nightie” I lied, “It’s a slip dress!” He looked even more perplexed and then said “Oh... It looks nice.”

Then it was so hot last weekend, and keen to catch the sun, I wore the same Intimissimi slip as a dress (this time sans sweater, to hide behind!) with my colourful Puma runners and a pair of novelty socks- nothing less sexy than novelty socks, to meet my friend who was so unfazed she didn't even comment. So it can’t be that outrageous I thought (though a few OAPs did throw me some disapproving looks en route, paranoid much?).

I kept the slip on that evening for my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday drinks in a local pub, I didn't want to wear my Pumas, so tried changing into some wooden platform sandals but I looked like Erin Brockovich... Not in a good way. I ended up in the gold Kurt Geiger slip-ons (pictured above) which definitely looked less slutty, and made the slip more modern.

At the pub, my cousin arrived (in a transparent lace tee) “Oh good! I’m glad I’m not the only one in my underwear tonight!” she said, which invited a few too many quizzical glances for my liking. 
I asked my sister, who's very good at bringing me back down to Earth from planet fashion, what she thought: "It's my idea of hell but it looks nice on you." Mmmmm. 

I've come to the conclusion that for summer time, slips-come-frocks work well as skimpy if not borderline slutty LBDs but come autumn/winter, back in the pyjama draw mine will go, as let's face it, I'm not Courtney or Kate, and I'll just end up looking like a lady of the night... out in her nightie! 

The trend is born: Louis Vuitton A/W'13

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Saturday, 6 July 2013


Me wearing pastels galore: Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Uniqlo cardie, with a Victoria Beckham bag
 and Christian Louboutin sandals.

On Wednesday evening I went to my first ASOS staff party! They’re notorious amongst the office for turning into wild nights, and they certainly pulled out all the stops: we had BBQ food on the lawn followed by a silent disco, washed down with way too much wine for a midweek booze up (especially for little me in my new job). My hangover saving grace was the ice-cream van (strawberries and cream flavour covered in chocolate 100s & 1000s incase you’re wondering). And I have to mention the mini fun-fair: so good when you’ve had a few! 


International & Campaign Content Assistant Shannon-Paris Cross wearing: t-shirt by Reason, 
Glamourous skirt, both at ASOS, Topshop jacket, with Hunter high-tops, and a Mulberry bag. 

Senior International & Campaign Content Editor Tabitha Newell wearing: lace dress with denim 
jacket both by Topshop, Matt & Nat across-body bag and Van trainers.