Monday, 14 January 2013


In collage: my 2013 style resolutions.

Sod my body, it was my wardrobe that needed a detox this January and having weeded out a lot of stuff that a) I hadn’t worn in ages and b) wasn’t really my style anymore, I have a much more concise wardrobe to deal with. But my work’s not done: I'm going to continue to regularly purge my wardrobe so it only contain things that not only look good but that I actually wear more than once in a blue moon! Sounds idiotically simple but it’s so easy to accumulate stuff if you're not disciplined about having a proper clear out every couple of years. 

So in light of a fresh start this month I have decided to focus on five style resolutions for the New Year, and they are as follows: number one, I will wear heels more often in the working week- after all it takes up 80% of our time and it's always worth making the effort, even if you're tired, stressed and running late!
Number two, I will up my accessories ante by ensuring I ‘finish’ my outfits each day by popping on an unnecessary-but-oh-so-pretty headband, belt, standout necklace etc.
For number three, as mention above, I will continue to ‘trial’ items in my  wardrobe and edit out anything that isn’t up to scratch. 
Number four, I will keep things varied by making the most of the gems I do have, appose to falling into the trap of  wearing similar outfits each week out of habit. 
And finally, resolution number five, is to invest only in what my wardrobe is missing or lacking and not more of the same, i.e. no matter how much I love Breton stripes and mannish cardies, there are limits! 

It’s all simply enough, and doesn’t require any extra money, just fresh thinking. Stay tuned to see if I can keep my 2013 style resolutions up!

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