Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Family outing: me, my sister Charlotte and our mother Marie-Ange, in our Gap, Warehouse and Reiss coats.

As everyone's painfully aware, we've had Britain's wettest summer on record, and bar last week's mini heat wave, and a few hot days here and there, it's been pretty chilly in Blighty too, so I made a sartorial decision… back in June, when I looked down and realised I was wearing an outfit very similar to one I might sport in December(!), that I was going to dress for summer…even if we weren't having one! 
In essence this has meant A) I didn't pack away my cashmere jumpers this years, and instead I've been layering them over summer dresses. B) That printed jeans with pretty sandals have become my no-sun-summer uniform. And C) that no matter how much I may want to show off a new summer ensemble, I don't leave home without a raincoat! (Despite what my weather may app tell me, or the early morning sunshine try to suggest!) It is essential. Case in point, me, my sister, and our mum, snapped here on a recent family day out, it makes me smile to see the three of us looking more similar (outfit wise) than we have in years, highlighting that for summer 2012: bare legs and raincoats really are the only way to go!

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