Saturday, 25 August 2012


Three Floor: SUN 'DEL' REY dip hem shirt £49, SWISH sequin skirt £68. Topshop sandals, my own.

I was blown over when I first clapped eyes on Three Floor's collection, and then had to double take when I spotted their very reasonable prices! As I'm sure you'll agree it's not often you come across a label that's as gorgeous and dynamic as this one, and affordable too!
Not yet even a year old, London based Three Floor, was founded by Central St. Martins Graduate Han Chong, and his business partner Yvonne Hoang, who launched the online fashion brand in November 2011. 
Their aim is to create affordable design, in feminine silhouettes with luxe fabrics. And going by their current collection alone, I think they've cracked it! 
I love Three Floor's playful approach to proportion, use of layering and the variety of textures and fabrics they employ, not to mention their striking use of colour. The  clean, fluid lines of their current collection and softly tailored pieces- some with a fab sports luxe vibe, combine to achieve an effortless, high impact look- all for under £140! Watch this space. 

Three Floor: DELIGHT dress £138.

Three Floor: POESY skater dress £118. Sunglasses by Linda Farrow.

Three Floor: MODELS OWN jumpsuit £89. Sunglasses by Linda Farrow as before.

Three Floor: DIZZY SPELL print shorts £56, cami by The Kooples, my own.

Three Floor: HIDDEN GEM midi dress £138.

To see and shop Three Floor’s full collection, click here


  1. Im really liking the colours and mix of fsbric in the last dress hidden gem. The prices aren't bad at all and they are all a bit gorgeous!

    Rianna xx

  2. I've been a fan of Three Floor for a while, their stuff is just SO gorgeous, I'm going to need to invest soon. You've only made it harder - ALL of them look gorgeous. Lovely blog btw, just found you - you totally have a new follower xx

    South Molton St Style

  3. That neon shirt is just the best! I love the way you have photographed the clothes too agaonst a fab backdrop! Makes them look all the more stunning (and you modelling too!!)
    love x