Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Jessica de Lotz in her studio, photograph by Phill Taylor.
London-based jewellery designer and maker Jessica de Lotz’s sentimental and totally gorgeous jewellery has been pulling on my heart strings since one of her hand-stamped wax seal bangles landed on my desk at Grazia a few years ago. Her unique aesthetic is spellbinding and the passion Jessica pours into her creations comes to life through her amazing attention to detail; from the minute engravings to be found in hidden places on some of her pieces to the wonderful packaging in which she presents her jewellery. Buying a piece of Jessica’s work invites you into her world; its a 360º experience. And it's her flare for making things from a bygone era contemporary without diluting their history that makes Jessica’s designs so powerful, from developed flea market finds to her bespoke and highly personal designs, Jessica’s special jewellery makes you feel just that!

My sister Charlotte and I own matching Jessica de Lotz hand-stamped wax seal ‘C’ bangles.

For Valentine’s Day this year Jessica updated her stacking, initial rings collection to include ‘LO’ and ‘VE.’ I wear the ‘LO’ on my finger and my boyfriend wears the ‘VE’ around his neck on a chain...

Our 'LO' and 'VE' stacking rings.

My boyfriend Gary with his Jessica de Lotz ring on a chain. 

Treasures on display at Jessica's London studio.

The designer modelling her own creations, photographs by Phill Taylor.

Check out Jessica de Lotz's full collection here.


  1. Jess is a dear friend of mine and as well as one of the hardest working most talented gals I know she is also one of the kindest. What a lovely post,
    Loulou xo

  2. Just discovered your blog. Didn't know this jewellery designer, those earrings are stunning...


  3. Wow! Her pieces are pretty fun!

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  5. wow, her pieces are so unique and edgy yet chic. love it! and she looks gorgeous as well :))
    in btw your blog is really nice and so personal :)



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  7. love the pics. especially the first one!

    x Daisy