Sunday, 22 April 2012


A Tom Binns cameo necklace snapped by Tommy Ton for at Paris Fashion Week

Every season when I’m in Paris for fashion week I go and see New York based jewellery designer Tom Binns’ new collection and each time I’m bowled over by his amazing use of colour. Since the launch of his label in 2004, Tom’s rock ‘n’ roll meets feminine, debutante aesthetic has gathered major following with the fash-pack and Hollywood alike and his unique technique of applying paint by hand to everything from cameos to Swarovski crystals is powerfully modern indeed. 
Feast your eyes on these Tom Binns Spring/Summer ’12 beauties...

Unfortunately a thousand pounds plus for a necklace (as glorious as they are) is wee bit out of my reach right now (being pre-lottery win and all) but look where a high street necklace and a little fluro pink acrylic paint gets you... granted the workmanship and sparkle is somewhat lacking but the concept still works and a pretty neon necklace is now mine! 

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