Sunday, 22 April 2012


By Malene Birger 'Dasila' shoes.
I have to say I never thought I’d wear pointy shoes again. I, like most of the trend-keen spent the early noughties (copying Carrie Bradshaw and) cramming my toes into sharp stilettos... and kitten heels for that matter. Then along came Louboutin’s gorgeous round-toe pumps and suddenly all those right angles felt so wrong I could hardly believe they were ever in fashion-favour and so (almost overnight) I cast my pointy shoes away. Easily done as all my pointy numbers were of the high street variety; there were no urban shoe myth Manolos in my closet that’s for sure! But alas this season I’m eating my words; pointy shoes have been bubbling for a while now but for Spring/Summer ’12 they’ve gone stellar. Both Blahnik and Valentino definitely have something to do with it, and when I spotted these beauties online at Monica & Joe I was walking the pointy line once again. Clever By Malene Birger with their uber chic combination of cream canvas and black jewels!

In suburbia: dressing down my pointy shoes with MiH Jeans 'Breathless' jeans and a polka dot Benetton cardie.

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