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A gallery of gorgeousness: Annina Vogel and some of her wonderful designs.  

Ever since I started Nieto Noticed earlier this year, I have been planning to share my passion for Annina Vogel's namesake jewellery line with you and finally... here is Annina's journey to jewellery heavy weight through my eyes. 
We first met about five years ago when Annina had just begun creating her gold jewellery. I'd heard about her unique concept through a colleague (Annina creates her jewellery by sourcing the most amazing vintage charms and Victorian gold which she reworks into modern day treasures) who was raving about her designs and was convinced I'd love them too. 
Annina bought her collection of charms to our meeting, some of which had already been developed into rings, stud bangles and earrings, and charm necklaces, whilst others lay mingling with each other in her overflowing jewellery trays. Horseshoes, swallows, lockets, tiny teapots, little figurines, fox heads, there was hundreds of unique, one-of-a-kind charms and I was hypnotised: it was like being in Aladdin's cave and I could of spent forever admiring and inspecting Annina's stock.
But I wasn't the only one: Kate Moss had gotten wind of Annina’s designs a couple of months before and after a personal appointment had already been spotted wearing what is now Annina's signature charm necklace. 
Back then, Annina was selling mainly through personal orders by word of mouth, however it didn’t take long for what had started out as a hobby for Annina, fueled by her passion for charms and antique jewellery, to become a total jewellery sensation, which has since attracted many inferior imitations!
A little over a year later, Annina was stocked in Liberty, where she went from being a relatively small Christmas pop-up, to the biggest selling jewellery counter in the shop that festive season and it wasn’t long before Selfridges wanted in on the action too! 

Annina’s collections are now available worldwide, both online and in other luxury department stores and I'm not a tinsy bit surprised at her success, for there's no escaping it: Annina Vogel’s jewellery is incredibly seductive. It's precious and whimsical and nostalgic and sentimental, fashionable and timeless, in no uncertain terms:  it has everything going for it!
But a warning: do not under estimate its power to bewitch and dazzle you, in other words approach Annina's  jewellery counters at your credit card's major risk! 

A selection of some of Annina's personal favourite charms.

Me wearing: my treasured Annina Vogel, Victorian gold horseshoe necklaces.

And here is the rest of my adored Annina Vogel collection, which I was powerless to resist... 

This agate and diamond ring was a present from my mum for my 25th

This Victoria gold and diamond charm stud bangle can also be worn high up
your arm. I love it. 

Victoria gold chain ring: I wear this both stacked up with other rings and

Pearl and gold charm cluster bracelet: I love the unique pear and wishbone

Top of my Christmas wish list: Annina Vogel's mismatch stud earrings.

To see more and to shop Annina Vogel’s jewellery click here.

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