Saturday, 5 May 2012


I love Upper Street’s fab range of exotic skins; check out my tri-colour catwalk inspired sandals, which I’ll wear for seasons to come I’m sure.
Upper Street is a nifty little website, created by shoe lovers Julia Grinham and Katy Chandler. It enables shoppers to effortlessly create shoes to their own specifications online,  where they are then ordered, made by hand and shipped to you. In rather luxurious packaging too, I might add! 
With hundreds of styles, colours and finishes to choose from it's amazing that it's not overwhelming, but the savvy website actually makes it really fun...even for the time poor-I created the above sandals in about 10 minutes (and I do umm and ah a lot, when it comes to shoes). 
But I must ’fess up, these sandals aren’t the first time I’ve created shoes with Upper Street; I created a pair of hot pink courts with a metallic toe-cap in May last year (which I then featured on the Grazia Fashion Charts, I was so pleased with them) and then a colleague of mine couldn’t find the right shoes for her wedding so I suggested she have a go on Upper Street too; since then quite a few brides I’ve spoken to have said they’re also using Upper Street for their wedding day shoes- it's ideal for creating a design you haven't been able to find elsewhere, or a colour to match a certain outfit. 
Upper Street really does fill a gap in the market, for not only their top-notch make and quality (the calfskin leathers, Italian satins and exotic skins they use are the real deal) at a reasonable price, but also because they’ve cleverly handed the designing over to the wearer and you can’t say fairer than that!

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