Sunday, 29 September 2013


Me wearing: Chinti & Parker t-shirt with J Brand 'Houlihan' trousers and a Victoria Beckham bag

I’ve always been a cat lover, it’s my name for starters but ever since my boyfriend forced a puppy on me last September, I’ve changed my ways, I’ve even started getting up at 6am everyday to walk our little woof before work! And so it seems I now love all dog paraphernalia too, particularly if Marc Jacobs has anything to do with it: I recently treated my phone to the ‘Pickles’ dog iPhone case, but already I want to add ‘Shorty’ the Marc by Marc Jacobs monochrome dog to my pack, and it turns out Marc and I are not the only dog lovers around: check out these graphic creations guaranteed to brighten up your iPhone (and your day).

  Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Pickles' dog iPhone case.  

           J.Crew Dalmatian dog iPhone case.            

   Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Shorty' dog iPhone case. 

              ASOS Jelly dog iPhone case.                       

Little Liger, the reason for my dog obsession. 

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