Sunday, 5 May 2013


Me wearing: my new shell print Louis Vuitton stole with a Marni leather jacket, Stella McCartney skirt and Michael Kors watch. 

Finally warmer weather has arrived! And it’s out with the heavy layers and in with light leather jackets and bare legs, but no switch to summer dressing would be complete without a feather weight scarf. 
This fine cashmere and silk mix stole by Louis Vuitton is the latest addition to my wardrobe and will be my season-long security blanket (I live in fear of being cold). I’ll wear it with jackets until the summer sun really kicks in and then I’ll drape it over my shoulders in the evenings. Plus its generous size means it doubles up as a sarong on beach holidays. What's not to love?
Top summer scarf tip: keep the colour/print neutral and pale so it goes with everything and doesn't look too heavy layered with jackets. 

To see and shop Louis Vuitton’s summer stole collection, click here


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  2. very cool scarf, love it ! x

  3. Of all your outfits, this is one of my favorite. I may be biased though as Louis and Marc Jacobs are two of my favorite designers. Cool blog!